Talking Transportation — America’s amazing interstate highways

The 47,000 miles of highways that comprise America’s interstate highway system are nothing short of an engineering marvel, surpassed only by what China has built in the last few years. We take them for granted, but when they were designed almost 60 years ago these super-highways presented both great opportunity and vast challenges. The U.S. wasn’t the first with super-highways. … read more

HAN News, July 5

Coffee Break, HAN’s daily news update, airs weekday mornings at 11 a.m. at live.HAN.Network, and is hosted by Kate Czaplinski. You can watch it on-demand later or see video below. Below are some of the stories we are following on Tuesday, July 5: The Shelton Police Department have arrested today a 53 year old Meadows NY man for alleged sexual assault … read more