Did I Say That? Smiling costs nothing but reaps rewards

During morning rush hour, thousands of commuters flow out of Grand Central Station in a crazed swarm of humanity, scurrying and stampeding every which way, pouring onto the city streets, hurriedly and insanely, many not watching where they’re going because they’re text-messaging or talking on cell phones. As they file out into Manhattan, there’s an exit on Lexington Avenue opposite … read more

Did I Say That? All I want for Christmas …

I knew the Christmas Grinch long before Doctor Seuss did. He lived in our house. He ate our pasta e fagioli. He used our bathroom. Back then, he didn’t call himself Mr. Grinch. He went by the name “Dad.” You probably never heard the song “All I Want for Christmas Is … Peace and Quiet.” My father wrote it. For … read more