Talking Transportation: America’s mass transit mecca

What’s the most mass-transit intensive city in the U.S.? By the numbers, New York City. But for a glimpse of the real future of mass-transit, the winner is clearly Portland, Ore.! Portland has only 632,000 residents, but 2.3 million in its metro area. Yet it has, per capita, what I think is the largest, most extensive and best integrated systems … read more

Talking Transportation — America’s amazing interstate highways

The 47,000 miles of highways that comprise America’s interstate highway system are nothing short of an engineering marvel, surpassed only by what China has built in the last few years. We take them for granted, but when they were designed almost 60 years ago these super-highways presented both great opportunity and vast challenges. The U.S. wasn’t the first with super-highways. … read more

The lockbox is logjammed in Hartford

I hope you’ve been following CT-N to watch our dysfunctional legislature in recent weeks as they struggle to fill a $900-million budget gap. Not only could they not get a new budget together before adjourning (only to be summoned back mid-May for a special session), but the legislative logjam left several important measures in limbo. Among them, the long-debated “lock … read more