Letter: Time to stop playing politics with test scores

To the Editor: During the most recent election campaign and during this ongoing budget process, I have heard on repeated occasion from education advocates in our community that we don’t spend enough on public education in Trumbull; and, as a result of not spending enough, our test scores are in a state of decline and our schools are not performing … read more

Trumbull’s elected officials swear in (SLIDESHOW)

The Town of Trumbull hosted a special swearing-in ceremony Monday night at Trumbull High School that featured live musical performances as well as speeches from some of the elected candidates. With Election Day more than a month in the rearview mirror, the town’s newest public officials were able to raise their respective right hands and take their respective posts. Re-elected officials, … read more

Town council member resigns amid vehicular homicide charges (UPDATE)

Recently-elected Town Council member Robert McGowan resigned from his post Monday, Nov. 23, after reports that he had been indicted on vehicular homicide charges in New Jersey a week earlier. The District 2 councilman was processed Nov. 16 and is scheduled to appear in Union County Superior Court in Elizabeth, N.J. Monday, Dec. 14, where he will face charges of … read more

Weekend retreat: Dems, GOP seek to find ‘common ground’

In an attempt to change the tone in town and eliminate social media animosity, political leaders from the Republican and Democratic parties are entertaining the concept of a “weekend retreat” that will encourage face-to-face conversations and team-building exercises between residents with rivaling bureaucratic ideologies. First Selectman Tim Herbst unveiled the idea in a Facebook post last week after meeting with … read more