Trumbull United Heat U12 advances to Cup quarters

The Trumbull United Heat U12 girls soccer team defeated Bristol 2-0 on goals from Megan Garrity and Abbie Leonzi this past weekend.

The win sends the U12 Heat to its second CT Cup quarterfinal appearance.

Trumbull applied early pressure, keeping the ball in Bristol's end for a majority of the first half,.

It was only in the 25th minute that Garrity broke through and perfectly placed a ball over the goalkeeper when she came out in an attempt to stop her breakaway.

After that goal, Trumbull settled the game down and built even more momentum. On numerous occasions in the closing minutes of the first half, the Heat midfield and forwards missed numerous opportunities to add on.

Taylor Lily, Caitlyn Kelly, Lexie VanStone, Oliva Cunha, Ava Meagher, Ella Peterson, Catherine Wright Caroline Cummings and Maddie Lojko gave the Bristol defense more than they can handle.

Bristol created a couple quality chances in the second half, but the grouping of Taylor Lilly, Julia Bike, Olivia Cunha, Anna Simpson, Camdyn Roth and Ellie Lynch held strong in front of goalie Hannah Adams, who came up with a clutch save in the opening minutes of the session.

At about the 60th minute, Leonzi struck a ball from about 25 yards out that put the game out of reach for Bristol.

The midfield and forward strung multiple passes together culminating in the Leonzi back breaker, from there Trumbull managed the closing 10 minutes to secure their place in the quarterfinals.

Coach Jaime Jorge named Bike, Lilly and Leonzi as his players of the game, though, he admitted he could have gone with a number of girls on his roster.

“I’ve coached some good teams in the past, but this group has the chance to be the best ever,” said Jorge, who is United’s director of girls coaching. “While we are still finding ourselves as a team the one thing I love about this group is that they don’t take one minute off, whether during practice or a game, they lock in and play hard, and creativity that they are showing in these big games is what really amazes me.

“They have taken my concept of formation and play to another level.”

The Heat next traveled up to Wilton to face another tough opponent. Once again, they took the Merritt Parkway home with a 3-0 victory, and the win assured them a place in the CJSA SW championship playoffs.