Pisces to compete at SWIM Across the Sound

Trumbull Pisces Swimming Association will participate in SWIM Across the Sound, which will take place on Saturday, Aug. 3.

The SWIM Marathon consists of individuals and teams up to six swimmers that swim from Port Jefferson, Long Island to Captain’s Cove in Bridgeport.

Pisces head coach Bill Strickland estimates the 25 kilometer swim will take six to seven hours.

He said, “Open water swimming is very different than what our kids our used to in the pool. There are many variables such as tides, currents, and weather that can be a challenge.

“We are getting out and swimming in lakes and Long Island Sound to prepare. Just last week the Pisces team took part in the Connecticut Open Water (one mile) Swim Championship at Lake Quassy.”

The team consists of Strickland, assistant coach Chris Fracker, assistant coach and former Trumbull Pisces swimmer Jessica Daigle, Victoria Batchelor, Jack Gray and Delaney Walsh.

Team members swim in relay fashion for the duration of the race and will swim anywhere from two to four miles each

Walsh volunteered for the SWIM Radiothon at WICC and was told the Pisces had some of the youngest swimmers in this years’ event.

Walsh said, “I am so excited to challenge myself as a swimmer and do something for an amazing cause. I am swimming in honor of my grandfather who is a cancer survivor and in memory of my grandmother who died in 2000 from cancer.”

Strickland said, “This is just another example of how our team has come together to do something for a greater cause. The enthusiasm from the swimmers, the parents, our board and our community has been amazing.”

Each team raises money for St. Vincent’s Medical Center Foundation, which provides cancer education, screening and prevention programs at low- or no-cost for uninsured and underinsured.

To support the Trumbull Pisces in their SWIM Across the Sound, visit give.stvincents.org and donat to Trumbull Pisces.