Kid’s Marathon Final Mile a success

Trumbull PTSA Council’s Health and Wellness Committee hosted its fourth year of the Rod Dixon’s Kid’s Marathon Final Mile at Trumbull High School on Sunday, May 20.

A soggy and wet start to the morning ended in sunshine and smiles as participants from all six Trumbull Elementary Schools ran with enthusiasm to accomplish their goal.

The RDKM was created by Rod Dixon, a 1972 Olympic medalist from New Zealand and the 1983 NYC Marathon winner.

The program encourages health and fitness in children.

Dixon’s motto: “Finishing is winning and winning is finishing,” promotes a positive outlook for young runners of all abilities with the main goal of staying physically active.

Each year sponsor CT Association of Schools has more CT school districts instituting the program.

RDKM is a way for kids to become marathoners.

Children commit to running or walking short distances at school or home to accumulate 25 miles over approximately ten weeks.

The children then celebrate their accomplishment by running their final mile in front of all their biggest fans.

“It is an exciting day to witness over six hundred children accomplishing their goal by running and having fun together with hundreds of parents cheering them on,” said Cathleen Kosak, Trumbull’s Kid’s Marathon Final Mile coordinator. “The Final Mile is possible because of the approval of THS Athletic Director Mike King, volunteers from the THS girls track team and hard working PTA parents. I am grateful to First Selectman, Vicki Tesoro, for her support by attending their big day.”

It is noted by teachers and parents that students participating in the Kid’s Marathon program are more focused, have better endurance in other activities, and form special friendships through this beneficial program.

The Trumbull PTSA Council Health and Wellness Committee is proud to offer this program to the young children in Trumbull. These students are positive role models by showing people both young and old to create big goals, persevere, and make healthy choices.