Crocco earns District Karate title

Anthony Crocco, a 12-year old black belt student at Hanko Ryu Martial Arts in Trumbull Center, won a gold medal in sparring (Kumite) at the Adirondack AAU District Karate Championship held on April 13 in Albany, N.Y. He also took second place in forms (Kata).

Crocco began training with Kyoshi Danilo Torri in 2005 at age 4. He earned his first degree black belt at 11 and now holds the title Sempai, which means he is a high ranking student who assists Kyoshi in training other students.

Through his commitment to martial arts, Crocco has become a well-rounded student who has earned the respect of everyone in the dojo, according to Torri.

Hanko Ryu offers classes in traditional Okinawan Shito Ryu Karate-do for children ages 3 and up and adults and Matayoshi Okinawan Kobudo (weapons) for students  7 and older.

Torri is a 6th Dan instructor, who trained in Rome, Italy beginning at age 7. Hanko Ryu is at 2 Daniels Farm Road.

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