10U players enjoy success

Thirty-two aspiring junior players participated in the 10 and Under Level 7 Futures circuit tournament on Jan. 19, hosted by the Trumbull Racquet club. This 10U tournament had the highest participation ever.

The 20 boys were divided into five flights of four. The winners were Nathan Rothschild, Luke Sosnow, Charlie Kosinski, Etergino Phillip and Dylan Koziol.

The 12 girls played in three flights of four each. The winners were Sydney Pitter, Macy Milliones and Jordana Latzman.

They played on a 60 foot court with orange balls, which is the format for Stage 2 of the 10U tennis progression. The orange balls are lighter and more appropriate for their level of coordination and strength for this age group.

Mike Slattery, 10U Director at Trumbull Racquet Club, said, “Clearly, the ten and under program and its teaching methodology is gaining in popularity and it offers many benefits.

“These young players are able to develop their all-around tennis skills, their confidence and have fun playing one another by using the sixty foot court with orange balls versus the full seventy-eight foot court with yellow balls.

“With such a positive experience, these juniors are developing a love of the game at a young age, which will hopefully stay with them for a life time.”

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