Verdeschi, Bluestein lead the league

Tashua Knolls Senior Men’s Club Bowling at the Nutmeg Lanes as of Feb. 4, has Team 10 (Ray Williams, Jerry Orsini, Bob Wolfe and Hank Giannini) in first place by three points.

The high scratch single was Bob Flemming with 224 and John Verdeschi the three game series of 610.

Mike Bartolotta had the single game with handicap of 257 and the series with handicap of 700.

The league’s individual high average is Verdeschi with 191.

As of Feb. 7, the Friday League has Team 12 (John Annick, Lou Scanzillo, Bob Tomasko, Sam Cicalo and Matty Martiro) increasing its first place lead to five points.

Carl Bluestein had the high scratch single at 232 and the three game series with 667.

Hank Giannini had the single game with handicap at 258 and Bluestein the series with handicap at 718.

Bluestein is the league’s individual high average leader at 185.