Tuesday League bowling

The Tashua Knolls Senior Men’s Club’s Tuesday League bowling on Dec. 26 at the Nutmeg Lanes saw Team 5 (Beecher Taylor, Jim Rainey, Joe Alarcon, Ron Fitzsimons) first-place lead increase to seven points over Team 18 (Jim Frisino, Roy Green, Jay Tyler, Chris Barrett).

John Verdeschi and Clint Vogel bowled the high scratch single game of 247.

Verdeschi bowled the high three-game series of 676.

Paul Schuerlein bowled the high-single game with handicap of 304 (a new season high).

Ken Kanyuck had the three-game series with handicap of 748.

The individual high average bowler is John Verdeschi at 206.54.

Angelo Cordone is at 201.59.

Ron Fitzsimons is the leader for the high individual match point with 66 points.