Tuesday Bowling comes down to great finish

The Tashua Knolls Senior Men’s Club Tuesday Bowling, after 35 weeks of competition at Nutmeg Bowl, saw its season come to an end on May 9.

The league championship looked like it was going to be decided by the last ball of the last person to bowl in the league roll off.

Team 2 (Jim Frisino, Hugh Norton, John Campbell, and Angelo Cordone) won the first half by one point, edging out several other teams including Team 15.

Team 15 (Lou Rybar, Bob Vagnini, Ron Fiorella, and Ken Kanyuck) won the second half by a convincing margin, gradually knocking other teams out of contention.

Therefore, Team 2 and Team 15 were the teams in the playoff.

Team 2 took a narrow 6-4 lead after game one, then Team 15 took the second game 8-2, giving them a 12-8 lead.

The magic number for Team 15 was now four, while Team 2 needed seven match points assuming that they could hold onto their 23 total pin lead.

Team 2 tried hard to make for good competition in the third game with the first bowler building a good lead.

The two points up for grabs in this (and each individual matchup) looked very promising, as this match moved toward the 10th frame.

Hugh Norton captured the two match points and added to Team 2’s total pin lead.

Team 15’s magic number remained at four.

The match between the second two bowlers remained close and it finished in a tie.

Team 15’s magic number was now only three.

The third match ended in Team 2’s John Campbell’s favor, and Team 15’s magic number remained at three.

Each anchormen failed to strike on their first ball in the 10th frame, leaving a single pin standing. Both succeeded in getting a spare.

Ken Kanyuck was up first and made a nine-pin fill.

Angelo Cordone needed an eight fill to win the game and the championship  — and he got 9 to close out the match (Note that while this looked like the clinching throw, subsequent math showed that Team 2 already had enough total pins to win).

The championship was not the only significant competition in week 35.

Angelo Grande and John Verdeschi, were in the hunt for league high average honors.

Verdeschi held on to secure the league high average honors with an average of 199.46.

Grande finished with an average of 198.10.

Carl Bluestein finished the season with an average of 196.85.

Dave Martini won individual points honors with a total of 125 out of a possible 204 points.

John Campbell was second with 119 points and Angelo Grande had a total of 118 points.

While the first and second half winners were bowling for the league championship, all others participated in the league’s annual colored pin contest.

In this contest, there is a colored pin replacing one of the regular white bowling pins.

Since there are 20 pins in circulation on each lane, there are actually two colored pins per lane and a prize is awarded whenever a bowler gets a strike when a colored pin shows up in the head-pin position.

Probability would predict a colored pin once every 10 racks.

History says that the bowers in this league would be able to get a colored pin strike when the opportunity arose about 40 percent of the time.

However, this year the men were inspired and succeeded in getting a colored head-pin strike 57 percent of the time the chance occurred.

About 75 percent of the bowlers got at least one colored pin strike.

John Campbell was the strike leader with six colored pin strikes, followed by Angelo Cordone, Hank Giannini, Dave Martini, Tom Frazer and Ron Fitzsimons with five each.