The Trumbull Pisces were honored with the 2018 St Vincent’s Dream of Life Award for its dedication and support of St. Vincent’s and the Swim Across the Sound at a pre-event banquet for the event that will raise money for the hospital’s cancer treatment fund.

“It is such an amazing honor for such an amazing cause,” Pisces coach Bill Strickland said.

This year marks the sixth consecutive summer that the Pisces have competed in St. Vincent's event.

The Pisces Pride team will be led by Strickland. Joining him will be Liam Crecca, Jackie Dale, Cameron Kosak, Julia Nevins and Liz Stoelzel

Coach Colleen Carroll will lead the Pisces Strong team, along with Blake Asaro, Grace Carravone, Norah Hampford, Anna Haydostian and Erin Racicot.

Each team will embark on a 15.5 mile relay style swim across Long Island Sound from Port Jefferson, New York into Captain’s Cove, Bridgeport. Most importantly though, the teams are working hard in their fundraising efforts in order to meet their combined goal of $15,000. The money raised for Swim Across the Sound is used to offset the financial burden for those undergoing cancer treatments.

"The Pisces swimmers are truly committed athletes and work hard all year round to complete at the highest level individually and as a team,” Strickland said. “Each summer it is an honor for them to step away from the pool and be able to use their talents to help raise money for others as they fight this disease."

If you would like to contribute to their campaign, please visit the Foundation’s website: and search by team name Pisces Pride or Pisces Strong to make an online donation.