Tashua Knolls Senior Men's Club Friday bowling update

The Tashua Knolls Senior Men’s Club’s Friday Bowling League on Jan. 4 saw Team 8 (George Koulouris, Dave Martini, Ron Fiorella, Angelo Cordone) increase its first-place lead to eight points over Team 20 (John Deleonardo, Walter Hart, Ivan Bicocchi, Bob Burke).

Tom Frazer bowled the high individual scratch game of 257, the high individual game with handicap of 306 (a new league season high), and the series with handicap of 769.

Angelo Cordone bowled the three game scratch series of 660.

The league individual high average is held by Rich Schwam at 200.36.

Bob Beck is at 196.14 and John Verdeschi is at 195.95.

Team 10 (Charles Lee, Ralph Keese, Robert Winston, Art Pranger) bowled the new league season-high team scratch series of 2,207 and missed by one pin of tying for the league team series with handicap at 2,804.