At the Nutmeg Lanes, the Friday League on Oct. 7 kicked off its 2016-17 season.

Six teams started off with winning all seven points and are tied for first place.

They are Team 2 (Joe Eramo, Tom Frazer, Ron Fiorella, Noel Gabrielle), Team 3 (Bob Thompson, Dave Martini, Gerry Cordone, Gerorge Warner), Team 6 (Charles Fereira, Paul Schuerlein, Joe Sabol, Mike Bartolotta), Team 7 (George Koulouris, Glenn Mackno, John Campbell, Ernie Santo), Team 11 (Ben Coppolella, Mark Ryan, Bob Oleyar, John Verdeschi) and Team 16 ( Russ Jagoe, Dick Volpe, Robert Winston, Angel Grande).

The high scratch single was Robert Winston and Drew Kennedy with 246.

Winston had the single game with handicap of 299.  

The high scratch series was by Noel Gabrielle with 661.

Drew Kennedy had the high series with handicap at 747.