Tashua Knolls Senior Men's Club Board golf

The Tashua Knolls Senior’s Men’s Club Board Tournament was played on Oct. 19.

Low gross was won by Hugh McAleer with a 81.

Low net (White tees) had Mark Ryan shoot a 64 for first place.

Jim Fahy was in second with a 66.

Third place went to Hugh McAleer with a 69.

Bob Flemming took fourth with a 69.

Ray Kasparck had a 70 for fifth place. Frank Chudy had a 70 for sixth place.

Hugh Norton won first place with a 64 for Low net (Green tees).

Bill Clark took second place with a 65.

James Demo took third place with a 65.

Fourth place had Carmine Ragosa with a 65.

Fifth place went to Jerry Duda with a 66.

Bernie Mullen took sixth with a 68.