TCT sending two teams to Sectional Championships

Two tennis teams from The Tennis Club of Trumbull (TCT) are heading to the USTA New England Adult Sectional Championships.

The Chillipeppers, a 3.0 women’s team captained by Mary Ann DiMarco, and the 3.5 men’s team TCT Club Ed, captained by John Pagano and Nick Genovese, won their district championships in early August and will represent Connecticut in the sectional championships in Massachusetts later this month.

TCT had 13 adult tennis teams play in the district championships.

The USTA 18 & Over Adult teams from TCT that played for the women were: 2.5 TCT Club Ed captains Rory O’Brochta and Lisa Vanzyl; 2.5 Norton’s Power Point Girls captain Meg Kingsley; 3.0 Drop Shot Divas captain Stephanie Stellato; 3.0 Chillipeppers captain Mary Ann Dimarco; 3.5 TCT Club Ed captain Sandy Walsh; and 4.0 TCT Club Ed captain Bev Merwin.

For the men: 3.5 TCT Club Ed captains John Pagano and Nick Genovese; 4.0 Trumbull Aces captains Rob Carron and Mike Massey; 4.0 TCT Club Ed captain Nick Genovese; and  4.5 TCT Club Ed captain John Pagano.

The 40 & Over Adult teams from TCT that played at districts were the 3.0 Chillipppers captain Mary Ann DiMarco; 3.5 Club Ed Divas captain Liz Pouyat and 3.5 Club Ed captain John Pagano and Nick Genovese.

TCT is a family owned and operated tennis club. Several of the teams are named after the owner and club pro Ed Pagano.

His son, John Pagano, is also a club pro and captains/coaches several of the teams.

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