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The Trumbull Pisces held its annual fund-raiser, the Pisces Aquathon, at Hillcrest Middle School pool on Feb. 3.

This year the Pisces had 55 swimmers participate in the event and raised over $11,000 to support the team.

During the Aquathon each swimmer completes as many laps as they can in a 60 minute session and the 55 Pisces swam 6,883 laps, which equals just under one hundred miles.

This year’s funds are being used to make improvements to the Hillcrest pool, in addition to offsetting some of the expenses from the team’s operating budget.

“It’s remarkable to see the team spirit and sportsmanship that our swimmers bring to the pool every day,” Pisces President Michael Redgate said. “The families on this team truly have Pisces Pride and always step up to help improve our team and Hillcrest facility.”

Sean Yu won the team prize for raising the most money.

There were awards for the boys and girls who swam the most laps in their respective group.

Elizabeth Stoelzel (190 laps) and Rohit Gunda (190) led the Senior team.

Kristen Racicot (166) and Lucas Taormina (136) paced the the Age Group team.

Kylie Totten (108) and Nicholas Ivanovich (96) led the Black and Yellow team.