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The Tashua Knolls Senior Men’s Club’s Friday Bowling League began its 2017-18 season on Oct. 6.

Four teams started the season winning all seven points and are in first place.

They are Team 1 (Mark Paskus, Peter Hristov, Sam Cicalo, Carl Bluestein), Team 8 (Chuck Vento, Bob Vagnini, Joe Alarcon, Bob Burke), Team 10 (John Cowan, Carl Noll, Glenn Mackno, Gerry Cordone) and Team 20 (John Morris, Ron Fiorella, Matty Martiro, John Verdeschi).

Angelo Grande bowled the high scratch single game of 238 and Gary Robenseifer had the high single game with handicap of 271.

John Verdeschi had the high three game series of 653 and Manny Cabral and Ray Saksa each had the three game series with handicap of 714.