Senior Men's Club ABCD Shamble golf winners

The Tashua Knolls Senior Men’s Club ABCD Shamble Team Tournament took place on June 14 at the Tashua Knolls Golf course.

The team winners were Joe Caselli, Bob Tavella, Noel Gabrielle and Dick Stein with a score of 105.

In second place were Frank Bozio, Bill Clark, John Ghent and Bill Smith with a score of 105.

In third place were Hank Banville, Jack Brennan, Ron Fitzsimmons and Don Pollack with a score of 107.

In fourth place were Carl Bluestein, Dave Martini, John Siano and Bob Winston with a score of 107.

In fifth place were Jimmy Costello, Angelo Cordone, Bill Kirkpatrick and Joe Puma with a score of 106.

In sixth place were Joe Banas, Art Kukla, Ed Smythe and Bob Walton at 108.