Pisces raise funds with lap-a-thon

Trumbull Pisces Swimming Association announced a successful fundraising event held in December.

Pisces’ swimmers from the team compete against one another for the amount of laps they can swim and also for the amount of money they raise.

While some swimmers get flat donations, many try to get donations based on laps they swim which makes it more competitive and fun.

“Organizing our third annual fundraiser is always a big undertaking,” said Michael Redgate, president. “It is our major source of funding extraordinary expenses our team requires which is not met by swim fees.

“In the past we have purchased an underwater swim camera and hired additional coaches to train the swimmers in our growing program.

“We hope to purchase a new record board for the Hillcrest pool in the future.”

The top fundraisers for the event were Caitlin Britell, Sean Yu and Soumya Ganti.

“This year we have many new swimmers in the program and had no idea what to expect,” said Bill Strickland, head coach.

“The great fun is seeing the younger and newer swimmers rise to the occasion and do a tremendous amount of swimming.

“I think they surprise themselves, their parents and the coaching staff by the amount of endurance they have shown in just a few short months.”

The top laps by swimmers in their respective swim groups were Hope Ivanovich, Alexandrove and Alex Jozwa.

“Overall the participating swimmers swam a distance over 100 miles,” Strickland said.