Noel Gabrielle joins golfing lore with hole in one

An ace in golf means hitting a hole-in-one or taking only one stroke to get the ball from the tee into the hole.

This type of shot requires perfect accuracy and direction.

Golf holes range between par three and par five, meaning it should take three, four or five shots to get the ball into the hole.

To even think about a hole-in-one, a golfer needs to take into account wind, hazards and length--and then hit a perfect shot.

An ace in golf is a rare, exciting feat. To hit the golf ball into the hole in just one shot requires the right mixture of skill and luck.

Some professional players have never hit a hole-in-one, while many amateur players have. Generally, aces occur on par-three holes because par-four and par-five holes are too long.

Ace means "a very skilled person" or "a person who excels at something," according to the Merriam-Webster's Dictionary.

To hit an ace means the golfer has excelled at mastering that hole.

Some interesting facts about a hole-in-one are the average age of a golfer is 45.7016 years. The number of years playing golf is 17.9404 years.  The day of week most occur is Friday.

Thus, Noel Gabrielle from Tashua Knolls Senior Men's Club scored a hole-in-one Tuesday, July 17, at Oxford Greens on the Par 3, 13th hole.

Playing the forward tees, he used a six-iron and the hole was estimated to be about 114 yards from the tee.

He was playing in a golf match between the Tashau Knolls Senior Men's Club and the Smith-Richardson Senior Men's Club from Fairfield.

It was witnessed by Noel's partner, Mark Ryan from Trumbull (TKSMC), and two opponents, Randy Coppola and Richard Muller from Fairfield (SRSMC) .

The match was a spirited competition between the two associations.

There were 15 foursomes entered in the tournament for a total of 60 golfers, thirty from each group, with the winner getting bragging rights.

The TKSMC team of Noel and Mark Ryan won their individual match, 12 holes to 6, and Tashua Knolls won the overall match, 11 to 4.