First-place teams stretching leads

Tashua Knolls Senior Men’s Club reports that Team 8, made up of Mario Biganti, Bill Mitchell, Harry Gable and Ray Saska, is in first place by 18 points in the Tuesday Tashua Men’s League at Nutmeg Lanes as of Jan. 22.

The high scratch single was by Matty Martiro at 217 and the three game series had Clint Vogel at 586.

The single game with handicap went to Steve Pavlo at 256 and the series with handicap was Bob Cole at 675.

The high average for the league is Carl Bluestein at 184.

The Friday Men’s League as of Jan. 25 has Team 2 ( Beecher Taylor, Jim Bergmann, Lou Scanzillo, Angelo Cordone and Joe Alarcon in first place by 10 points.

The high single scratch was Jack Cutting at 220 and the three game series went to John Verdeschi with a 608.

The high single with handicap was Cutting at 276 and the series with handicap to John Annick at 693.

Cordone is the league’s high average for the season at 189.