Bowling: Two teams tied for Friday lead

Tashua Knolls Senior Men’s Club Bowling for its Tuesday League at the Nutmeg Lanes, on Oct. 6 has a new team (Team 14 - Frank Wendt, Bob Thompson, Jim Menge and John Verdeschi) in first place with a four-point lead.

The  high scratch single of 234 was rolled by Rocky DeLorenzo, and the three game series of 594 by Carl Bluestein. The single game with handicap was by DeLorenzo at 288 and Jim Frisino had the series with handicap at 805. The individual high average is Clint Vogel at 194.5 and the high individual match point leader is Jim Frisino with 22.

At the Nutmeg Lanes, the Friday League on Oct. 9, has (Team 8 – Jim Bergmann, Roy Green, John Cappello and Mingo DaCosta) and Team 14 – Jim Rainey, John DeLeonardo, Rocky DeLorenzo and Angelo Cordone) tied for first place.

Noel Gabrielle had the high scratch single of 276 and the high scratch series of 711. Joe Alarcon had the single game with handicap of 301 while Carl Noll had the series with handicap of 764. The high average individual is Gabrielle with a 240.3 average.