Bowling: Tashua Knoll's Drew Kennedy sweeps honors

Tashua Knolls Senior Men’s Club Bowling for the Tuesday League finds Team 6 (Dave Martini, Mark Ryan, Bob Oleyar and Ron Vitale) in first place by 17 points.

The league individual high average is John Verdeschi at 191 and the high individual match point leader is Dave Martini with 124 points.

At the Nutmeg Lanes on April 29, the Friday League saw Team 13 (Gary Robenseifer, Paul Schuerlein, Mike Bartolotta and Greg Babash) increase its first place lead to six points.

Drew Kennedy did it all with a high scratch single of 254, the single game with handicap of 290, the three game scratch series of 664 and the series with handicap of 772.

The league’s high average individual is Noel Gabrielle with a 215 average.