Bob Burke leads way in Tuesday League bowling

The Tashua Knolls Senior Men’s Club’s Tuesday Bowling League competed at the Nutmeg Lanes in Fairfield on Oct. 30.

Team 12 (Pete Pappas, Roy Green, Charles Fereira, Manny Cabral) increased its first-place lead to 21 points. Team 1 (Mark Paskus, Mark Ryan, Bob Fleming, Mike Bartolotta) is in second place.

Bob Burke had the high scratch single game (231), the high three game scratch series (640) and the series with handicap (748).

Paul Schuerlein bowled the individual with handicap game of 287.

Sam Cicalo, Peter Pappas and Roy Green are now tied for the high individual match point lead with 34 points.

Team 8 (Robert Brocking, Charles Lee, Dick Volpe, Guy Favreau) bowled a new season-high team scratch series of 2,126.