ABCD Shambles golf

Tashua Knolls Senior Men’s Club ABCD Shambles Golf Tournament on Oct. 4 featured four man teams picked by a computer program. 

The sum of the two best net scores on each hole is the team score for that hole.

There was a three-way tie for first place with a net score of 104.

Using the tie breaker system put in place for such an event, the results are as follows.

First place team: Jerry Gregory, Donald Pollack, Robert Flemming and Hank Banville score 104.

Second place team: William Walsh, Clint Vogel, James Menge and Hank Giannini score 104.

Third place team: Andrew Brodie, John Strich, Bill Olmstead and Edward Smythe score 104.

Fourth place team: Robert Oleyar, Noel Gabrielle, Art Levitan and Gene Scaperotta score 106.

Fifth place team: Mark Ryan, Sam Cicalo, Joe Kelley and Ralph Thornton score 108.

Sixth place team: Hugh McAleer, Frank Bozio, Bud Hersch and Joseph Zuklie score 109.