23's, Ballaholics lead after six weeks

The Trumbull Basketball Men’s League week five and six results are as follows:

Ballaholics 57, Federales 36-.

The first game of week five ended in another Ballaholic victory. Two of the main contributors for coach Todd Wolak’s team were Johnny White with 19 points and Eric Snyder with 18 points.

Minutemen 52, the 23’s 48

In the most competitive game of the season, the Minutemen came out on top of the 23’s. David Klein was the high scorer for the Minutemen with 13 points, but in the end it was clutch shooting by Alex De Los Santos and Alex Kennedy that resulted in the Minutemen victory.

Los Blenders 53, Law Offices of Gulash and Riccio 42

Los Blenders was victorious in this Wednesday night game thanks to some high-percentage shooting and old-fashioned hustle.

Matt Salvi had 15 points in the Los Blenders victory, which was the game high for the contest.

Dirty Mike and the Boys 35, Rich Deeckens Team 21

In another defensive-minded battle, Dirty Mike and the Boys defeated Rich Deeckens team on Wednesday night.

Matt Riccio accounted for 11 of his team’s points in the victory and Mike Trombetta dished out five assists to lead his team to their fourth victory of the season.

Ballaholics 72, Los Blenders 47

The Ballaholics put on a shooting clinic Monday night, and it was too much to handle for the Los Blenders.

Snyder was again a lead scorer with 21 points, followed closely by Kurtis Thompson with 17.

For the Los Blenders, Rob Bronski and Pat McDonough each scored 12 points in defeat.

23’s 58, Dirty Mike and The Boys 43

In the 9 p.m. matchup Monday, the 23’s came out victorious. Matt Cardinale led the team in scoring with four 3-pointers and 19 points total.

Akil Hodge dropped 17 in the contest for the 23’s, with Riccio leading Dirty Mike and the Boys with 10 points.

Law Offices of Gulash and Riccio 53, Federales 43

The Gulash and Riccio team improved to 3-3 on the season. Brett Wigder was the main catalyst in the victory with 17 points, while Dan Corica scored eight points in the final two minutes to seal the deal.

Kevin Komarmi led his team in scoring with 12 in the contest.

Minutemen 6,2 Rich Deecken’s Team 48

In the last game of Week six, The Minutemen defeated Rich Deecken’s team.

Thanks to a league high 24 points from Johnny Diaz and 19 from Kennedy.

John Dawson starred for his team in the contest with 15 points.

League standings: 23’s (5-1), Ballaholics (5-1), Dirty Mike and The Boys (4-2), Minutemen (4-2), Los Blenders (3-3), Law Offices of Gulash and Riccio (3-3), Federales (0-6) and Rich Deecken’s Team (0-6).