18 Holers Solheim Cup golf results

The Tashua Knoll’s Women’s Golf Association held its 18 Holers Solheim Cup event this past week.

The members were divided into the blue and white teams, with the white team victorious by a score of 13-8.

Members of the white team were  Bambi Clark, Linda Halaby, Diane Viera,  Jinyoung Park,  Kiri Ostensen, Hilda Bobela, Donna Cubelli, Susan Casey, Kathy Davidson, Diane Cooper, Marilyn Buckley, Arlene Barbieri, Lois Jones and Rae Mitchell.

The Tashua 18 Holers welcome new members from all communities.

For further information, call Zel Finkenstadt, membership chairman at 203-261-0293.