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South Side Wrestling hosted the first-ever South Side Scuffle Wrestling Tournament at Trumbull High School on Jan. 15.

As fans packed the gym, 483 registered wrestlers began their day and competed for a championship. South Side represented well, with 59 wrestlers registered in the elementary division and middle school divisions. South Side defended its home turf well with 10 champions — Dominick Spadaro (65 pound Intermediate and Novice Divisions), RJ Reale (77 pound Novice), Warren Little (80 pound Novice), Braden McDermott (110 pound Novice), Jordan Black (125 pound Novice), Chefren Spodnik (153 pound Novice), Justin McGee (80 pound Middle School), Gino Franciulli (102 pound Middle School), Breon Phifer (110 pound Middle School) and Matt Weiner (190 pound Middle School).

Full list of place winners: Greg Weiner (3rd place), Jack Agler (2nd place), Jackson Velez (3rd place), Logan Velez (2nd place), Bill Starkey (4th place), Dylan De La Rosa (3rd place), James Czajkowski (2nd place), Luke McDermott (3rd place), Brody McGee (3rd place), Lucas Boccuzzi (3rd place), Anthony Baratta (4th place), Anthony King (3rd place), Dominick Spadaro (1st place Intermediate, 1st place Novice), Shane Ryan (4th place), Maurice Ellis (3rd place), Eddie Santiago (3rd place), Mike Pogany (4th place), Mike Scalese (4th place), Jack Sisson (2nd place), RJ Reale (1st place), Warren Little (1st place), Luke Blazovic (2nd place), Logan De La Rosa (3rd place), James Callaghan (4th place), Alex Alvarez (2nd place), Braden McDermott (1st place), Jordan Black (1st place), Amr Othman (2nd place), Chefren Spodnik (1st place), Justin McGee (1st place), Louis Debiase (4th place), Anthony Debiase (4th place), Chris Scalese (2nd place), Colin Walsh (4th place), Brian De La Rosa (2nd place), Gino Franciulli (1st place), Julian Kammerman (2nd place), Mike Agate (2nd place), Luis Nunez (4th place), Sorren Morrison (3rd place), Jake Peterson (3rd place), David Picarelli (4th place), Breon Phifer (1st place), Zach Tatulli (3rd place), AJ Deicicchi (3rd place), Jack Mullen (3rd place), Justin Leone (4th place), Matt Weiner (1st place) and Jake Delfino (2nd place).