Stanley Wolpiuk’s versatility a big plus

Stanley Wolpiuk stepped into the left side of the batter’s box and regularly squared up the baseball and got on base for the Trumbull Post 141 American Legion baseball team this summer.

Manager Brett Conner raved that Wolpiuk has the strongest arm on the team and covered ground in left field like a gazelle.

Hearty praise for Wolpiuk, who is a pitcher by trade.

“Freshman year (at St. Joseph) I played some third base and got some at-bats here and there,” Wolpiuk said. “Still, I was a pitcher first and a batter second. Once I knew that pitching was going to be the way to college, well...”

Wolpiuk was an All-State pitcher at St. Joseph and helped the Cadets to a state title in 2013, before making his way to The Gunnery in Washington (Conn.).

“I needed to get stronger and gain some maturity,” said Wolpiuk, who was an honor student and Gunnery pitcher of the year (1.73 ERA).

“We had a pretty young team so I played shortstop for six or seven games and batted second (.314) in the lineup. It was a good experience.”

Wolpiuk, who will play baseball at Central Connecticut State University beginning in the fall, said, “I wasn’t losing any eligibility (by attending Gunnery) so it was definitely a win-win.”

Conner was impressed with Wolpiuk’s versatility.

“Stanley is a top pitcher, but also gave us a good bat and speed from the left side. His play in the outfield was outstanding.”

Wolpiuk used his at-bats to get a better perspective while pitching.

“As a batter, you have to look for certain pitches on certain counts. It’s like a mind game and being a pitcher and a hitter lets me use it both ways.”

Wolpiuk enjoyed every day playing for Post 141.

“I love Trumbull, the atmosphere at the field. Trumbull baseball is home to me.”