Special Olympians excel at states in floor hockey, basketball

Trumbull Special Olympians impress at states.
Trumbull Special Olympians impress at states.

The athletes from Trumbull Special Olympics program have had great success the past month in the state floor hockey and basketball tournaments.

Both tournaments had two components: individual skills competitions and team competitions.

In individual skills competitions the athletes compete against other individual athletes from around the state in various skills.

In the team competitions, the Trumbull Tigers compete against other Special Olympics teams.

In floor hockey, Trumbull’s skills athletes — Andrew McMillan, Pat Loh, George Manesiotis, Ryan Dingwall, Mihai Catana, Chris Johnson, Spencer Soderholm, Brent Logan and Robert Miyaki — took home 9 medals (4 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze).

The Tigers had a win and two ties in pool play to qualify for the gold medal hockey game.

In a thrilling game, the Tigers beat Newington 1-0 in sudden-death overtime on a goal by Danny Kenny. Trumbull’s defense, led by goalie Carlo Tomaso, was the key to the victory.

In the tournament, the Tigers offense was led by Michael Hedrick, John Turbeville and Ben Fortuna, assisted by David Dennin, Brian Kopcso, Tom Zmijewski and Tracy LaReau.

The coaches behind the victory were Bob Kenny, Scott Dingwall and Frank Loh.

The floor hockey tournament was a two day event held in East Hartford.

In basketball, Trumbull’s  twelve skills athletes — Loh, McMillan, Stephen Gagliardi, John Flechner, Logan, Daniel Hannon, John Strong, Marco Huang, Tom Zmijewski, Jackson Tymula, David Dennin and George Manesiotis — took home 12 medals (6 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze).

The Trumbull Tigers basketball team, Tracy LaReau, Alesandro Tucci, Andrew Faenza, Danny Kenny, Danny McNeil, Emily Kardos, John Turbeville, Matt Feidt, Michael Hedrick and Shane Lacobelle, had 2 wins and 2 losses in their competition, which was good for a bronze medal.

Coach Bill Downey did a fine job in the team’s second year.

Basketball was a one day event held in various schools in Waterbury.