Linda McCauley leads Eagles

The Trumbull High girls gymnastics team joined Daniel Hand of Madison for a tri-meet at Jonathan Law in Milford on Jan. 7.

Hand scored a 138.2, Trumbull a 129.9 and Law a 116.9.

The place winners are as follows.

Vault: Linda McAuley (T) 9.5.

Bars:  Linda McAuley (T), Stefani Taschner (H) and Abby McQuirk (H) 9.0; Kendall Jerzyk (H) 8.45 and Tara Oliver (T) 8.3.

Beam: Stefani Taschner (H) 9.1; Kendal Jerzyk (H)  8.9 and Linda McAuley (T) 8.5.

Floor: Stefani Taschner (H) 9.1; Kendal Jerzyk (H) 9.0 and Abby McQuirk (H) 8.7.

All Arounnd: Kendal Jerzyk (H) 36.7; Linda McCauley (T) 35.6 and Abby McQuirk (H) 35.15.