Lakewood-Trumbull YMCA gymnasts at Nationals

The Lakewood-Trumbull YMCA, a branch of the Central Connecticut Coast YMCA, girls gymnastics team traveled to Savannah, Georgia to compete at the YMCA Gymnastics National Championship hosted by the Islands YMCA of Coastal Georgia.

The Lakewood-Trumbull Y sent 20 gymnasts to compete in Nationals, with approximately 2,000 other competitors and close to 100 different YMCA teams.

Lakewood-Trumbull Y ended the weekend with four All-Around National champions and eight first-place National champions on individual events.

Overall, Lakewood-Trumbull Y had 19 out of 20 gymnasts place on any given event.

All of Lakewood-Trumbull Y’s Level 3 gymnasts were seen on the podium, despite it being their first time competing at the National level.

Sarah Bogen of Trumbull not only won the Level 3 Junior age division all-around (36.575), but she also placed first on bars (9.15), beam (9.0), and floor (9.2).

Amelia Stephens of Monroe competed in the Level 3 Child age division and placed second all-around (37.75), first on vault (9.5), second on bars (9.325), second on beam (9.475) and fourth on floor (9.45).

Also competing in the Child division, Celestina Bellulovich of Easton placed fourth all-around (36.725) and fifth on vault (9.35), bars (8.8), beam (9.2) and floor (9.375).

Avelina Bellulovich of Easton competed in the Level 3 Senior age division and placed second on vault (9.35) and sixth on floor (9.35).

Ava Baghdady of Monroe also competed in the Senior age division and placed sixth on bars with a score of 9.05.

Level 4 gymnasts dominated the podium.

Lakewood-Trumbull Y had a Level 4 gymnast compete in each age division: Child, Junior and


Each of the three competing gymnasts placed top three in the all-around.

Lily Ayres of Trumbull placed first in the all-around (35.95), bars (8.85), beam (9.4) and floor (9.55) in the Senior division.

Alyssa Lalli of Trumbull came out on top in the Junior division on bars with a score of 9.325. Lalli placed fourth on floor (9.325), seventh on beam (8.8) and third all-around with a 35.75.

Bailey Bajda of Monroe placed third all-around in the Child division with a score of 36.325. She placed second on floor (9.15), fifth on bars (9.025), seventh on beam (8.725) and second on floor (9.425).

Margaret Williamson of Trumbull represented the Level 5 team and placed fourth on floor in the

Senior Division with a score of 8.775.

Lakewood-Trumbull Optional level 6 and 7 gymnasts all made placements in awards.

In Level 6, Samantha Sullivan of Monroe swept the Child age division. Sullivan was National champion in the all-around (36.825), as well as on bars (9.2) and floor (9.475) and

Was second on beam (9.2).

Alexis Sullivan of Monroe competed Level 6 in the Junior division and placed first on floor with a score of 9.5.

Talia Lalli of Trumbull also was seen on the podium in the Junior division. Lalli placed first all-around with a score of 36.525 and first on beam with a score of 9.3. She placed second on

bars (9.15) and third on floor (9.425).

Olivia Cross of Monroe placed third all-around in the Senior age division (36.15), as well as first on vault (9.025), sixth on bars (8.6), third on beam (9.125) and fifth on floor (9.4).

Dale Kivits of Trumbull also competed in the Senior age division and placed second on floor with a score of 9.475.

Level 7 gymnast Olivia Hogan from Trumbull represented Lakewood-Trumbull Y in the Senior division placing first on floor (9.175), seventh on bars (8.1) and sixth all-around (33.8).

Grace Stephens of Monroe competed in the Child age division, placing third all-around with a score of 35.6. Stephens also placed third on beam (9.325), seventh on vault (8.775) and eighth on floor (9.2).

Also competing for this age group, Lindsay Capobianco of Milford placed seventh on bars (8.65), fifth on beam (9.25) and eighth all-around (35.25).

In the Junior age division, Callan Vaughn of Trumbull and Zosia Kocab of Monroe were both seen on the podium.

Vaughn placed fifth on vault (9.0), as well as ninth on beam (9.1).

Kocab placed seventh on vault (8.95), beam (9.225) and all-around (35.75).

Level 6 and 7 both qualified for team awards and both levels placed as a team.

Lakewood-Trumbull YMCA placed seventh out of 20 qualifying teams.

Level 6 also placed seventh out of 20 qualifying teams.

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