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Nia Christie and Olivia Johnson combined to place in five events and lead the St. Joseph girls indoor track and field team to a sixth-place finish at the FCIAC championships.

Christie, a freshman, took second in the 55-meter hurdles and was fifth in the long jump.

Johnson, a junior, placed third in the long jump, fourth in the 55-meter hurdles and tied for sixth in the high jump.

Jaden Shirden and the Cadets’ 4x200 relay team helped the locals at a 13th-place finish.

Shirden placed fourth in the 55-meter dash. Chris Coughlin, Myles Hall, Darren Warren and Michael Zannis took fourth in the 4x200 relay.

Hall was fifth in the 55-meter hurdles and Zannis placed sixth in the shot put.

Shirden, Darren Warren, Ryan Haack and Anthony Crocco finished eighth in the 1600 relay.

East Division meet

Nia Christie won the high jump title at the FCIAC East Division Championships at Wilton High on Jan. 27. Christie  jumped 5-2 to place first. She was second in the long jump and took third in the 45-meter hurdles.

Olivia Johnson placed fourth in the long jump, fifth in the high jump and fifth in the 45-meter hurdles.

Sophie Jones was sixth in both the the 45-meter and the 300-meter dash. Katie Grennan was 13th in the 300. Marie Rodriguez was 14th in the shot put. Katherine Pikulik was 21st, Aleesa Gibson 23rd and Bridget Gannon 25th.

Jaden Shirden and Myles Hall led the boys team. Shirden was third in the 45-meter dash and Hall third in the 45-meter hurdles.

Bryan Begley was fourth in the high jump. Michael Zannis was fourth in the shot put. Ryan Haack was fifth in the 45-meter hurdles.

Tyler Sisko was eighth and Chris Coughlin ninth in the 300-meter dash.

Jermaine Williams was 18th, Louis Tuccio 19th and Chris Kiley 24th in the shot put. Coughlin was 13th, Kevin Frattaroli 14th and Robert Lewicki 20th in the long jump. Frattaroli was 15th, Peter Spinelli 22nd and Alex Dobrycki 26th in the 600-meter run. Paul Jason was 21st and Kevin Tang 22nd in the 1600-meter run. Fairfield Ludlowe won the girls title and Fairfield Warde the boys. The Cadets placed sixth in each meet.

Nia Christie clears a hurdle on her way to a