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The Trumbull High girls track team kicked off its opening meet with an 89-54 win over Wilton High at McDougall Stadium on Monday.

The Eagles started their season off  strong by taking first in the 4x100, javelin, 1600 meter, 3200 meter, discus, high jump, 800 meter and ending with an exciting 4x400 against Wilton's top team.

Trumbull held strong in the 4x400, combining the efforts of sprinters Rebecca Crosley, who took the lead for the team in the first lap, and Lianne Iassogna, who kept the pace finishing just a step behind Wilton. Distance runner Ashley Storino took the third lap in a solid run holding the second position, before Kate Romanchick took the baton for the final lap to close in the stretch to take the win in a team time of 4:22.

Other highlights include the trio of Margaret LoSchiavo, Storino and Romanchick taking the top three spots in the1600.  Storino pulled away on the last lap to take the win in 5:26. Romanchick took second and LoSchiavo third.

Storino and Romanchick came back to take the top two spots in the 800, with Romanchick pulling ahead on the straightaway clocking 2:30 to take the win and Storino finishing on her heals in 2:30.1. LoSchiavo won the 3200 in a personal best of 12:12.

Top three results in each event:


4x100 - 1st Trumbull 52.2. 2nd  Wilton A Team 54.8, 3rd Wilton B Team 54.9

110 Hurdle - 1st Santomero WHS 18.3, 2nd Carlson THS 18.4 3rd Shafer THS 18.8

1600m - 1st Storino THS 5.26, 2nd Romanchick THS 5.32, 3rd LoSchiavo THS 5.35

800m - 1st Romanchick THS 2:30, 2nd Storino 2:30.1, 3rd Heeley WHS 2:35

400m - 1st Crosley THS 1.05, 2nd Viterelli WHS 1.06.3, 3rd Kealy WHS 1.06.6

300m - 1st Santomero WHS 50.8, 2nd Alexandru THS 52.4, 3rd Kaplan WHS 53.7

200m - 1st Pang THS 28.7, 2nd Kaplan W 29.0, 3rd Crosley, Cannone, & Okoroafor THS 29.3

3200m- 1st LoSchiavo THS 12:12, 2nd Zaffina THS 12:16. 3rd Lynch WHS 12:23

4x400 - 1st THS 4:22, 2nd WHS A Team 4:24, 3rd WHS B Team 5:18


LJ - 1st Reid WHS 15 1/2, 2nd Walsh THS 14'7", 3rd Spillane THS 14.5"

PV - 1st Rava WHS 7ft, 2nd Bragg THS 6ft, 3rd Nana WHS 6ft

Jav - 1st Wang THS 79.2, 2nd Brady WHS 75.8, 3rd Cava WHS 73.8

Disc - 1st Baker THS 92.2, 2nd Zangrilli THS 78.00, 3rd Perez WHS 75.1

TJ - 1st Nriate WHS 32ft, 2nd Spillane THS 30'8",3rd Eller WHS 29'10"

HJ - 1st  Switzgable THS 4-10", 2nd Meri WHS 4-8", 3rd Angelucci THS 4-6"

Shot put - 1st Brady WHS 30.4, 2nd Perez WHS 30.2, 3rd Baker THS 29.10