FCIAC softball playoff pairings

The St. Joseph Cadets completed an undefeated FCIAC regular season on Wednesday and will lead a contingent of eight softball teams into the conference playoffs, which will get underway with the quarterfinals later this week.

Games are tentatively scheduled for 4 p.m., Friday, May 20, but checkFCIAC.net for updates

Here is the FCIAC softball quarterfinal schedule:

No. 8 Danbury (10-6 FCIAC) at No. 1 St. Joseph (16-0)

No. 7 Ludlowe (10-6) at No. 2 Westhill (14-2)

No. 6 Stamford (10-6) at No. 3 Warde (12-4)

No. 5 Darien (10-6) at No. 4 Trumbull (11-5)

The semifinals and final will be held at Sacred Heart University, with the semis at 3 and 5 p.m., Tuesday, May 24, and the final at 5 p.m., Thursday, May 26.

The top four seeds were based solely on records with no tiebreakers needed.

The last four seeds were a different story.

Stamford, Darien, Danbury and Ludlowe finished tied with 10-6 FCIAC records.

Head-to-head, the Danbury Hatters were 0-3 against the other four teams in the tie and thus wound up at No. 8.

In a three-way tiebreaker between Darien, Stamford and Ludlowe, all three teams had 1-1 records, so the tie was broken using the quality win criteria.

All three lost to the top three seeds, but Darien and Stamford both beat Trumbull, the No. 4 seed, while Ludlowe lost to the Eagles, so Ludlowe took the No. 7 seed.

Darien then went to No. 5 and Stamford to No. 6 because Darien won their head-to-head match-up during the regular season.