Cross country: James Mas, Nick Zannis leading Cadets

The St. Joseph boys cross country team defeated Trinity Catholic, while losing to New Canaan, Wilton and Ridgefield last week. The Ridgefield loss was a 29-29 decision, decided by a rare sixth- and seventh-finish tiebreaker by each school.

St. Joseph senior James Mas won his second quad-meet of the season, recording a personal-record 15 minutes, 58 seconds. Senior Nick Zannis placed fourth overall in 17:02 and sophomore Ryan Haack placed 15th overall in 19:07.

Freshman Michael Zannis placed 29th in 19:36 and junior Jack Moulder placed 34th in 20:30 for the Cadets. Sophomore Michael Pleszko placed 38th in 21:06, while senior Nick Maltese placed 40th in 21:13.

"The good news is that we had strong performances from our runners who raced," said St. Joseph coach David Scrivines. "The area that we need improvement is our split times and reducing the big gaps in between finishers."

Additional finishers for St. Joseph included: freshman Sean Yankocy (42nd, 22:08), junior Nick Russo (43rd, 22:14), sophomore Anthony Crocco (44th, 22:17), freshman Dante Criscio (45th,22:18), sophomore Mark Kendziorski (47th, 23:04), freshman Garrett Kalker (48th, 23:34), juniors Joe Griffin (51st, 24:50) and Stephen Garber (50th, 24:02), and freshman Luke Healy (52nd, 24:58), Manuel Garzon (53rd, 25:25), Ben Kallsen (56th, 26:15) and Igor Poliwoda (57th, 28:27).

St. Joseph placed 15th in the 24-team Amherst Invitational in Amherst, Massachusetts on Sept. 19.

Mas placed 13th overall in 16:27 and Nick Zannis placed 26th overall in 16:55. Haack placed 114th overall in 19:08 and Michael Zannis placed 126th in 19:24. Also finishing in the 166-runner varsity race were sophomore Brian Dineen (142nd, 19:56), Maltese (150th, 20:17) and Moulder (153rd, 20:25).

"Amherst is always a fast race for us," said Scrivines. "It was a good opportunity to see competition that we don't see during our conference or in-state invitational meets."

In the junior varsity race, Pleszko placed 134th in 21:22 , while Russo placed 176th in 22:03 and Crocco placed 193rd in 22:36. Kendziorski placed 196th in 22:39 and Griffin placed 246th in 24:21.

In the freshman race, Garzon placed 51st in 21:10 and Criscio placed 67th in21:44, while Healy placed 142nd in 26:01 and Poliwoda placed 153rd in 26:40.

St. Joseph defeated Bridgeport Central, while losing to Fairfield Ludlowe and Darien on Sept. 15. Mas placed first overall in 16:21 and Zannis placed fifth overall in 17:25. Junior Will Whitlock placed 15th in 18:45, while Haack placed 21st in 18:52 and Michael Zannis placed 29th in 19:31.

"Solid showing for the first meet of the season," said Scrivines. "We have a need of developing depth during the next month, so that is our challenge before us."

Dineen placed 33rd in 20:08 and Moulder placed 37th in 20:21. Pleszko placed 43rd in 21:27, followed by Healy (44th, 21:30) and Kalker (45th, 21:31). Maltese placed 47th in 21:39, while Yankocy and Criscio placed 53rd and 55th respectively, in 21:52 and 22:17.

Additional finishers included: Kendziorski (59th, 22:33), Crocco (62nd, 22:51), junior John Wypchoski (63rd, 23:05), Poliwoda (65th, 23:11), Kallsen (68th, 23:19), Garzon (71st, 23:44), and Garber (72nd, 23:49) and Griffin (73rd, 24:11).