The Tashua Knolls Senior Men’s Club 2019-20 Tuesday Bowling at the Nutmeg Lanes in Fairfield on Nov. 12.

In first place is Team 13 (Bob Frazer, Bob Wolfe, Mark Ryan, Angelo Cordone) with 175 points and a one-point lead over Team 9 (Hugh Norton, Dick Stein, Hank Giannini, Bob Fleming).

The high scratch single game of 231 was rolled by Bob Burke.

Carl Bluestein rolled the high three-game series of 665 and the Series with Handicap of 761.

Richard Knopf had the high single game with handicap of 280.

Peter Hristov is the High Individual Match Point leader with 40 points.

Team 14 (Paul Schuerlein, Carl Bluestein, Ernie Santo, Greg Babash) set new season highs for Team Scratch Series of 2,278 and Team Handicap Series of 2,794.

On Nov. 5, the high scratch single game of 233 was rolled by Manny Cabral who also had high the three-game series of 669.

Bob Burke and Jack Cutting had the high single game with handicap of 272.

Hank Giannini rolled the series with handicap of 773.