Trumbull boys take more than win from latest lacrosse game

Ethan Hughes, a team captain, has helped Trumbull to a 4-2 start to season.

Ethan Hughes, a team captain, has helped Trumbull to a 4-2 start to season.

Trumbull Athletics / Contributed photo

Trumbull boys’ lacrosse coach Jim Kammerman believes his team’s healing from the COVID-19 pandemic received a shot in the arm from town and FCIAC rival St. Joseph this past Saturday.

“It takes growth on field and leadership to get past losing a year of competing,” Kammerman said. “A game like Saturday with St. Joe’s is a game the kids will remember forever. And I mean win or lose. It was that good of a lacrosse game.”

Trumbull rallied back to defeat St. Joseph 11-10.

Kammerman took on the role of play-by-play man.

“It was a back and forth game. One goal then a tie. Another goal then a tie. Midway in the third quarter St. Joe’s went out to a three-goal lead. It was nerve wracking on the sideline,” he said. “From that point on our goalie and defense didn’t allow another goal. Our offense scored four times in fourth quarter to win. It was a typical great rivalry game between two schools that battle it out in all sports.”

Trumbull is 4-2.

“In the FCIAC there is no day off. The St. Joe’s game was a big step forward. The kids saw what they can do in a big game,” Kammerman said. “We stress to the kids it’s not where we are at the beginning of year, it is how we are playing at the end of the year. This year that is absolutely the case. We are building and getting better. We have kids with just a little experience. We have seniors that were 10th graders the last time they played.”

Ethan Hughes, Owen Finnegan, Julian Kammerman, Marcus Black and Shea Grant are team captains.

“They have been part of team since sophomore year,” coach Kammerman said. “The last time we played St. Joe’s, it was another one-goal game in overtime. They contributed then. They had experience in what this rivalry means.”

Jake Kaplan and Jason Rubenstein share goalie duties. Finnegan, Black, Josh Liebowicz, Jake Moffat and Jake Peterson head up the defense. Julian Kammerman, Tyler Hobbs and Pat Spychalla lead the attack. Grant, Hughes, Billy Colbert, Sean Brennan and Jason Knapp are go-to guys at midfield. Brennan and Martin McGrath take faceoffs.

“Our goal is 50-50 on faceoffs and to make it as ugly as possible,” coach Kammerman said. “Sean and Mart do a good job. Our wings are riding well, forcing turnovers. We receive blue collar grunt work from the boys.”

Finnegan and Jason Knapp drew praise from their coach after the win over St. Joe’s.

“We’ve been rudderless without Owen Finnegan,” he said. “Owen has been in and out with COVID, post COVID and he came back yesterday. That was a big difference for us. He solidified our defense. I must also shout out to Jason Knapp. He did so much of the grunt work. He ate two shots late. After the game he had ice wrapped around his thigh and his back. Jason exemplified the work the kids put in.”

Roundup: Shea Grant had four goals, Ethan Hughes three, Pat Spychalla and Tyler Hobbs two each in the win against St. Joe’s. Julian Kammerman and Spychalla had two assists each. Hobbs and Hughes had one assist. Jake Kaplan and Jason Rubenstein combined for 14 saves.

Coach Kammerman said: “I got an email from a parent after the St. Joe’s game. It read that their son had a smile on his face they hadn’t seen since before COVID started. That was great to hear. More of that is what everyone is hoping for this season.” Twitter: @blox354