Tashua Team 9 bowlers jump in front in Friday League

The Tashua Knolls Senior Men’s Club Friday Bowling League results of Jan. 8 has Team 9 (Ron Rubano, Joe Alacron, Drew Kennedy, Manny Cabral) in first place by six points over Team 8 (Paul Schuerlein, Pepe Cruz, Dean Coronis, Bob Flemming).

Bob Flemming had the high single game scratch of 250, and the high game with handicap of 291.

Rich Schwam had the high series scratch with 672.

Ed Kane had the series with handicap of 799, a new season high.

Manny Cabral is the individual high average leader at 193.28.

Rich Schwam is at 192.86 and John Verdeschi is at 190.05.