Tashua Knolls Senior Men’s Club bowling

The Tashua Knolls Senior Men’s Club Friday League bowling met at the Nutmeg Lanes in Fairfield on Dec. 17.

Team 5 (Randy Burnham, Bob Sadowski, Alan Careddu, Dennis Surmaczewicz) leads by 11 points over Team 12 (Mark Paskus, Pepe Cruz, Ray Boratko, Mike Bartolotta).

Andy Deyulio bowled the single game scratch of 23 and the handicap single game of 270.

Noel Gabrielle bowled the series scratch of 646 and the handicap series of 748.

Dan Maniscalco has the high individual average of 214.90. Rich Schwam is in second with 202.45 and in third place is Dennis Surmaczewicz at 201.70.

Tuesday bowling

Team 12 (Joe Flewellyn, Mark Paskus, Terry Guth, Robert Winston) increased its first-place lead to 11 points on Team 2 (Hugh Norton, Alan Careddu, Noel Gabrielle, Bob Beck) and Team 11 (Tim Mahoney, Dave Farrington, Clint Vogel, Andy Deyulio).

Angelo Cordone and Noel Gabe had the high scratch single game of 246.

Gabe had the three-game series of 638, and the three-game series with handicap of 19.

Bob Wolfe bowled the single game with handicap of 274.

Dan Maniscalco leads individual high match points with 56 points. He is the high average leader at 200.71, followed by John Verdeschi at 200.03 and Bob Beck at 192.69.