Tashua Knolls Board golf roundup

The Tashua Knolls Senior’s Men’s Club Board Tournament was played on a warm and sunny day at Tashua Knolls Golf Course on Sept. 11.

The Low Net (White Tees) had Joe Moyer in first place with a net 65. Jim Menge finished in second with a 65. Third place went to Bob Winston with a 66. Mark Ryan took fourth with a 66. Lou Viglione had a 67 for fifth place. Frank Bozio had a 67 for sixth place.

The Low Net (Green Tees) had Bob Walton in first place with a net 60. Second place went to Bob Vagnini with a 64. Third place found John Thelen with a 65. Finishing fourth with a 65 was Bob Wolfe. In fifth place was Gus Phillips with a 66. In sixth place was Jim Mohan with a 66.

The closest to the pin contests were won by Bob Vagnini on hole No. 6 at 8 feet six inches and on hole No. 12 by Ray Baldwin at 15 feet 2 inches.