TRUMBULL — St. Joseph and Trumbull linemen took on roles at quarterback, wide receiver and defensive back when the host Cadets met the Eagles in the first FCIAC 7-on-7 game on Friday.

Max Gregor, a 6-foot-4, 300-pound senior center for St. Joe’s, relished his chance to play quarterback when the team’s linemen chose to put aside suggested strength challenges and instead mirrored their skill position brethren.

“I’ve always been a lineman,” Gregor said. “But playing youth football, there was always this one special play where I’d get to go back and throw a pass. It was called Gregor Fly’s — one of the receivers would go deep and I’d just wing it.”

The call never came in the altered linemen challenge with Trumbull.

“No, we just went out and had fun,” Gregor said. “I was psyched about it. It was fun throwing to all my friends, nothing serious. We’re starting to build a bond here on a new line. It will be nice to do the stuff we would actually be doing in a game — run blocking, pass blocking.”

So, does Gregor have his eyes on being a signal-caller?

“No, Jack (Wallace) doesn’t have anything to worry about, although it would be fun if Jack and I could switch positions sometime.”

Wallace is content with maintaining the status quo.

“Max? I think I’m good right now, but he does have a pretty good arm,” said Wallace, who quarterbacked St. Joe’s to their third consecutive state title last fall. “Maybe he could work on timing patterns. I saw the lineman with the razzle dazzle and throwing the ball around. It was good to see them having fun.”

Football is a serious matter for the football tandem of baseball batterymates - quarterback/pitcher; center/catcher.

Gregor will be starting center for the first year after All-Stater Nick DiIorio graduated.

“I’m the only new starter on offensive line,” Gregor said. “The game does start at the line of scrimmage, we as a unit need to get the whole game going. We play as a team. We are all brothers.”

The Cadets worked through the summer, doubt on whether there would be a season.

“I have a nice little gym in my basement, so I lifted pretty much every day,” Gregor said. “All the linemen would go to the field and we’d get our work in. Me and Jack would work on the snap (of the ball).”

Gregor would love to play football in college.

“I’m still getting recruiting stuff from D-III schools. Maybe, I’ll post grad for a year to better my status,” he said. “But for now I’m just looking to put the pads on with my friends.”

“I love playing football,” Wallace said. “I’m going into my 2nd year at quarterback, so I know I have to get better. I need to be smarter in the pocket. It was good for everyone to have the competition against another squad, to get out and compete for the first time in a while.”

When attending a summer football camp was canceled, Wallace worked with teammates every day.

“No one slacked off all summer, we all kept tabs on each other,” he said. “We worked out in a group. Matt Morrissey is the backup QB. I work with Matt in practice. On the weekend in the summer, we’d go to a field and get our footwork in together.”

Wallace is all in if an 11-on-11 league happens, and then a spring season.

“7 on 7 is great and all, but nothing compares to live action,” he said. “Facing d-line pressure, your mind has to work faster or get hit by a 240-pound dude. Nothing compares to real live football, there is no experience like it. We are all looking forward to it, we are praying, crossing our fingers, doing all we can do to make it happen.” Twitter: @blox354