Russ Jagoe bowls high game, series in Friday League

The Tashua Knolls Senior Men’s Club Friday Bowling League bowled on Dec. 20.

Team 7 (Ralph Thornton, Alan Careddu, Mike Demichele, Rich Schwam) and Team 10 (Roy Green, Ray Boratko, Mike Cazzolla, Chris Barret) are still tied for first place with 57 points.

Rich Schwam rolled the single game scratch of 236 and the three-game scratch series of 668.

Russ Jagoe bowled the High Individual Game with Handicap of 298 and the high series with Handicap of 757, tieng him for the season high with Bob Brocking.

Rich Schwam is the Individual high average leader at 207.09. John Verdeschi is at 201.86 and Manny Cabral is a 198.14.