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Hillcrest and Madison have been meeting in a season-ending cross country meet since 2015.

After two years in Madison’s possession, Hillcrest won this year’s title by 49 seconds. The event is organized and run by members of the Trumbull High boys’ and girls’ cross country teams.

The girls’ race was led by Jane Hall (Hillcrest), Maeve Matthews (Hillcrest), Charlotte Farrelly (Madison), Jillian Greene (Hillcrest), Talia Feher (Hillcrest), Ishita Singh (Madison), Mia Giblin (Hillcrest), Paige Whipple (Madison), Alexandra Rigel (Madison) and Emma Bomann (Hillcrest).

The top 10 runners on the boys’ side were Liam O’Keefe (Madison), Mason Fabrizio (Madison), Kyle Helminger (Hillcrest), Victor Moreira (Hillcrest), Gavin Grashaw (Madison), Braden Fruin (Madison), Walter Withrow (Madison), Aidan Williams (Madison), Tim Basbagill (Hillcrest) and A.J. Wright (Hillcrest).

“Our Middle School cross country program, started by Trumbull High athletic director Mike King, has been a valuable feeder program to Trumbull’s cross country teams,” said Carrie Hall, who co-coaches Hillcrest with Liz Polzello. “We (along with Madison coaches Ben Anderson and Jody Daddario) would like to congratulate all their runners for demonstrating excellent athleticism and sportsmanship while representing their schools and town.”