George Chiodo carries the day in Tuesday League bowling

George Chiodo had a great day when the Tashua Knolls Senior Men’s Club’s Tuesday Bowling League met on April 13 at the Nutmeg Lanes in Fairfield.

Chiodo posted the high scratch single game of 279, the single with handicap of 308, the series scratch of 671 and the handicap series of 758.

Team 3 (Ronald Rubano, Bob Vagnini, Ken Kanyuck, John Verdeschi) has a four-point lead over Team 4 (Mark Ryan, Ray Kosc, Andy Deyulio, George Chiodo).

Bob Flemming continues as the high individual match point leader with 117 points.

John Verdeschi is the league’s high individual average leader at 195.94.

Angelo Cordone is second at 195.65 and Manny Cabral is at 193.05.