Final mile for Kid’s Marathon at Trumbull High

Trumbull PTA Council’s Health and Wellness Committee will host Rod Dixon’s Kid’s Marathon Final Mile Event at the Trumbull High track and athletic fields on Sunday from 9 to 11 a.m.

All six Trumbull Elementary Schools will participate with 740 children expected to take part.

Rod Dixon, a 1972 Olympic Medalist from New Zealand and the 1983 NYC Marathon winner, is the founder of the Kid’s Marathon. Dixon related that back of the pack runners at the marathon were winners as well and started the Kid’s Marathon to encourage health and fitness in children. The program began in California and has gained popularity in Connecticut where each year CT Association of Schools has more districts instituting the program.

RDKM is an in-school program in which children commit to running or walking short distances at recess. The distances of ½ mile to one mile four days per week add up over 10 weeks to 25 miles. The children then celebrate their huge commitment and accomplishment by running their final mile in front of all their biggest fans.

“With the support of Trumbull’s PTA Council, the approval of THS Athletic Director Mike King, as well as tireless parent volunteers, this event is back after a two-year hiatus,” Rachelle Giordano Kid’s Marathon organizer said. “Trumbull hosted its very first Kid’s Marathon Final Mile Event on May 31, 2015.

“The children have been working hard at their laps at school since early March. It is a big undertaking for such young people,” she added. “Trumbull’s PTA Council Health and Wellness Committee is proud to offer this program to our young children in Trumbull. These students are positive role models by showing people both young and old to create big goals, persevere, and make healthy choices.”