TRUMBULL — As the holiday season continues, police are urging residents to be aware of the risk of package thefts in residential neighborhoods.

Although package thefts have been pretty rare in recent months in Trumbull, the increase of deliveries around the holidays should put residents on guard, police said.

The department urges residents to consider an alternate delivery destination for their packages, including having it delivered to a friend, family member or neighbor who will be home.

Some other options are to have the package delivered to the resident’s place of work, to have the package require a signature for delivery or to have the courier hold the package at a facility to be picked up.

But it’s not just packages that residents should have on their minds.

Police said residents should always lock their vehicles and take the keys with them, park in a well-lit area at night as possible and hide or remove any valuables from the vehicle.

Any suspicious activity or persons should be reported to police at 203-261-3665.