TRUMBULL — Two vehicles were stolen from driveways in town over the weekend in separate incidents, according to police.

These recent thefts are just an example of the continued trend of vehicle thefts throughout the town and statewide.

The first incident happened during the early morning hours of Saturday, April 25. A George Street resident had their Honda Accord taken with a “variety of person property” inside including credit cards, cash, a passport and jewelry, police said.

Those credit cards were later used at a local business during the late night hours that same day. Police said the resident had not realized their vehicle was stolen. Later that same day, the Honda was found abandoned in Bridgeport.

That same night, a Toyota Rav4 was stolen from a Johnson Street driveway. Police said in the vehicle were house keys and a wallet with several credit cards inside. The vehicle was unlocked. It was found two days later in Bridgeport.

Over the last year, 21 vehicles have been stolen in Trumbull, according to police.

“Almost all of them were taken from private residences, where they had been left unlocked and the keys left inside the cars,” police said. “These thefts have occurred in all areas of town, on both main streets and quiet side roads.”

There have been more than 138 incidents classified as “thefts from vehicles” by police during the same one-year period. Most of those involved unlocked cars that were parked in residential driveways.

In the most recent incidents of attempts at thefts from vehicles in Trumbull, video footage from a doorbell camera showed “the thieves walking in residential areas, and attempting to open car doors by pulling on the door handles,” police said, adding that none of the vehicles were damaged, entered or subject to any theft.

Police stressed the importance of residents locking their cars and removing the keys and valuables.

Any information about suspicious activity or thefts, including possible video footage, can be reported to local police.